Want to work on projects that spark inspiration?

Appoint gives independent consultants the ability to take control of their own workflow and only work on the projects that inspire and . 

Create. Collaborate. Achieve.


Take control of your time and your portfolio

Whether you are a just starting out as a freelance professional, ready to take on more clients or are looking to boost your income, Appoint gives you the tools to search for the latest projects that match your skillset while connecting you with clients from a range of industries.

No hidden fees

Don't pay more than you have to.

For professionals, control your income and don't sharing the rewards.  

Full control


Control your own time and your money. 

For professionals, control your cash flow, your career, while growing your portfolio.  



Surround yourself with like minded people.

For professionals, work with the people you trust and respect.  

Increase your income


Find the right professionals for your project 

Appoint offers a network of inspiring and experienced digital professionals, who will help you to achieve your business objectives. Given you all the project management tools in a single place, you'll be able to effectively and efficiently manage your new project launch.

- Avoid typical digital agency fees

- Work with a dedicated project manager to help you achieve all your goals 

- Work with experienced and talented professionals 




Control your workload


Work on projects that spark inspiration

Appoint gives you the opportunity to work on projects that truly inspire you, and that you are passionate to work on. While giving you the ability to work on them in your own way and in your own time - work on what you want, when you want.

- Be your own oss and manage your own workload

- Only work on the projects you love

- Connect and network with your peers for support and encouragement




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