Connecting Digital Freelancers with Incredible Businesses and Projects

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Appoint offers independent Digital Professionals the ability to control their workflow and only work on projects they love.

Collaborate. Create. Achieve.

Increase your income

Make your work, work for you.

Take the wheel, set your own freelance service prices, and get paid what you’re worth, allowing you to be selective with the work opportunities you take on.

Control your workload

Streamline your work life.

Appoint allows you to form ongoing client relationships and create a flow of incredible freelance work with a growing network of businesses.

Have access to new clients, work on amazing projects and control your time effectively so you can maintain your workflow as a successful Digital Freelancer.

Be Inspired

Love your digital work.

Stay energised in your career by having the freedom to work on the projects you want with clients you love, allowing you to optimise your time and create a fantastic work-life balance.


Whether you’re just starting out as a Digital Freelance Professional, or growing your client list, Appoint gives you access to incredible projects and connects you with clients from a vast range of industries.

Appoint is suited to all professional individuals within the digital space, whether you are starting out on your own, or have been freelancing for a while Appoint gives you the tools to network and secure new and ongoing work. 

The resources available are tailored to Professionals too, and can help guide you through your new project, Appoint ensures you have everything you need to feel confident and comfortable with your project.

New project opportunities will flow through to your email based on your skillset, as well as the Projects board on the Appoint platform. 

To apply for any project, simply click the ‘Apply’ button and fill out the form, then the client and/or project manager will contact you if they think you are the right fit. 

There are a number of available resource packs available to you. 

Our packs include Start Up Pack, New Brand Launch Pack, eCommerce Pack and many more.

New packs will be realised and updated regularly. 

Appoint membership includes access to new and existing digital projects, access to other Professional members should you need to bolster your project team and also a range of downloadable resources and Advice & Tips. 

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