How does Appoint Digital work?

It’s simple, the Appoint platform allows Business Owners to create new digital projects and release project work to a network of Digital Professionals. 

Professionals can explore and apply for project work on the Appoint platform while also connecting with peers.

In addition to building digital connections, Appoint offerrs helpful resources and tools for all members to help achieve their digital goals. 

Step One

Join Appoint

Become a member and join a network of like minded individuals, to unlock your digital potential. 

Step Two

Build your Appoint Profile

Create your Business or Professional profile, so other Appoint members can get to know you. 

Step Three

Create or Search for a Digital Project

For Business Owners, create a project and outline your objectives and goals. Your new digital project will appear on the Appoint Project Board for Professionals to explore and apply. 

For Professionals, search a wide range of projects, find the right project for you and apply.

Step Four

Build a Project Team

Whether you choose to manage your own project or opt for a dedicated Project Manager, the Appoint Members Directory gives members access to highly skilled Digital Professionals. 

Step Five

Collaborate and Achieve

Once your project team is assembled you will collaborate with your team directly to launch your digital project. 

Step Six

Launch and Repeat

Celebrate your launch – you did it!

When you are ready to start a new project or if you are looking to be apart of a new project team – the Appoint platform has everything you need to do it all over again. 


Appoint Professionals have experience in a range of roles and skills, all based around digital outputs. Key skills include Digital Project Management, UI/UX Designers, Web Developers and many more.

There are a number of available resource packs available to you.

Our packs include Start Up Pack, New Brand Launch Pack, eCommerce Pack and many more. Each pack contains a number of templates and downloads that help all project roles.

New packs will be released and updated regularly.

To become a member it is $99.00 per year.

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