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Connecting Your Business with Professional Digital Freelancers

The Online Agency

Take control of your projects and hire freelancers from the digital industry with proven, high-level experience.

Collaborate. Create. Achieve.


Take control of your business, save money and optimise your time.

Appoint provides the tools you need to take control of your digital projects, gives you access to experienced professionals and allows you to assign a dedicated Project Manager to help make your vision a reality

No Hidden Fees

Don’t pay more than you have to:

Avoid paying extra fees associated with typical agencies. Instead, pay for the work that is delivered and nothing more.

Full Control

Take charge of your time and your money:

Whether you’re launching a new business or developing a new product, you control your budget, your team, and your timeline.


Surround yourself with like-minded people:

Before you hire a freelancer, view an extensive range of services and quotes so you can appoint the right professional in confidence.

Dedicated Project Managers

Unsure of where to start? We have you covered.

The digital world can sometimes be intimidating, so Appoint gives you the option to work with a Project Manager to oversee your entire project and ensure you have the right Digital Freelancers assigned.

Alongside your comprehensive support system, Appoint’s easy to use project platform allows you to be clear on your deliverables, communicate with your team and be confident that your digital project is in good hands.

Avoid hidden fees

Put your money where it matters.

Agencies that offer digital services often hike up their fees to cover office expenses: the free fruit for staff, the coffee machine, the fully stocked bathrooms—you get the idea.

With Appoint, there is no intermediary between you and your Digital Professionals. Instead, work directly with the experts you need and agree on costs before work starts saving everyone time and money.

The Online Agency

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