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Connecting Businesses with Professional Digital Freelancers

The Online Agency

Take control of your digital projects and work with highly skilled Freelance Professionals for your business.

Collaborate. Create. Achieve.


Take control of your business and optimise your time.

No Hidden Fees

Don’t pay more than you have to:

Business Owners—avoid paying extra fees associated with typical agencies. Instead, pay for the work that is delivered and nothing more.

Digital Professionals—control your income by setting your own rates.

Full Control

Take charge of your time and your money:

Business Owners—whether you’re launching a new business or developing a new product, you control your budget, your team, and your timeline.

Digital Professionals—control your cash flow and your freelance work, all while growing your portfolio.


Surround yourself with like-minded people:

Business Owners—before you hire a freelancer, view an extensive range of services and quotes so you can commit in confidence.

Digital Professionals—work with clients and other professionals you trust and respect.

For Business Owners

Elevate your next digital project.

Project platform

Appoint’s comprehensive and easy to use project management tools mean you can be clear on your deliverables, communicate with your team and efficiently manage your digital project.

Dedicated project manager

Appoint your very own project manager to oversee your project, coordinate your digital freelancers and have all of your bases covered.

Work with the best

With an extensive network of inspiring and experienced professionals at your fingertips, you can be confident that your digital projects are in the best hands—allowing your business objectives to be achieved seamlessly.

For Professionals

Love your digital work.

Be your own boss

Appoint lets you manage your freelance work your way, so you are in control of your time.

Work on unique projects that spark inspiration

Take charge and only work on the kind of projects you love and are inspired by.

Connect with a supportive team

When project-based teams are created on the Appoint project platform, you can communicate with other digital professionals working on the project to ensure you are on the same page.

The Online Agency

Building a community of Australian businesses and skilled freelancers to collaborate on outstanding digital projects.